ATTENTION: For Those Who Are Serious About Reaching Their City For Jesus...

Welcome To The I Share Hope

Learning Center!

When it comes to sharing our faith, one size doesn’t always fit all.

The message is the same but the methods are diverse.  In these sessions you’ll see how Christians share the hope of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways and the truth to defend your faith.  ENJOY!   

JESUS, the “Religious,” & Unreached

Lee Strobel | Jesus & Atheism 

I SHARE HOPE | Jesus & Islam

Pastor Zach Carter| Jesus & Mormons

Elaine Baughman | Jesus & Judaism 

Ravi Narasimhan | Jesus & Hinduism 

Mike Kleczka| Jesus & “Religion”

Luke Wayne | Jesus & Jehovah’s Witness 

Evidence of The FAITH

Stuart Orr | The Universe: Answering a skeptic

Dr. Frank Turek | God: Something from nothing?

David Penny | Creation & Fall: Implications of the laws of Quality & Quantity

Dan Aldrich | Evolution: What does the science say?

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston | Evil: Where’s it from?

Dr. Steven Sanchez | Holy Bible: Can it be trusted?

J. Warner Wallace | Resurrection: Can you prove it?

Scott Dawson | Heaven: Is there only one way?

Dr. Jason Allen | Church: Finding the right one

“How to Share JESUS without it Being Awkward”

Pastor Nick Swearingen | Preparation & Initiation

Pastor Steve Barnes| Your Story & God’s Salvation Plan

Reaching a World in Crisis

Dr. Jeff Myers | Connecting with a world in crisis

Chuck Peters | Children in a world of crisis

Jason Jiminez | GenZ in a world of crisis

Bob Harrison | College students in a world in crisis

Help for Sharing Hope

Pastor Kelly Hughes – Ask more questions, make fewer statements.

Pastor Chad McDonald | Sharing Christ even makes pastors nervous.

Glenn Luke – Visually sharing Jesus so anyone can understand.

Pastor Chris Williams | Don’t need the answers…make the appointment.

Keevyn Scholl | Ask, listen, love and lead.

Pastor Jeremy Allen | Importance of knowing God’s Word…S.A.L.T.

Phil Propst | Involve, engage, connect.

Pastor Gene Collins | Just be you.

On Mission: Sharing the Gospel in Daily Life 

Pastor Dave MacLachlan | Session One

Pastor Dave MacLachlan | Session Two

Pastor Dave MacLachlan | Session Three