ATTENTION: For Those Who Are Serious About Reaching Their City For Jesus...

The God Conversation Challenge!

Our prayer is that all believers become more intentional, more engaged in sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with those they meet each day.  As Jesus’ return nears, believers must be found faithful in reaching the lost and equipping others to be the same.

The God Conversation Challenge helps you…

Step 1

Share Your Story

  • Meet with others in a setting you’re comfortable with, over coffee, a meal, have them to your home.  
  • Get to know them, build deeper relationships, genuinely care for their interests and needs. 
  • In the right moment, ask to share your story.

Step 2

Know God’s Salvation Plan

  • Study the 3 Circles or other methods that may be more comfortable with your personality.  
  • Master those methods with practice.
  • Memorize key Scriptures. 
  • Be ready in a moments notice to share God’s plan for eternal salvation.

Step 3

Have Conversations

  • Find a Christian friend, mentor, family member, pastor, spouse who you can be accountable to.
  • Commit to having one God conversation each week.  Once you are consistent with that, try to increase the number.
  • Make this more important than your current number one priority.
  • Stay the course, don’t give up, share frequently.

Step 4

Teach Other Believers

  • Encourage other believers to go through I Share Hope.
  • Duplicate yourself in others by teaching these four steps to other believers.
  • Begin with your Christian family and friends.
  • Once you’ve taught one, teach another.


YES! I Accept the Challenge