ALRIGHT! Only Three More Steps To Go...

We’re Called to Pray!

Sharing Hope through Prayer


It’s been said, “Little prayer, little power, more prayer, more power, much prayer, much power.”

Prayer is the road that paves the way to God conversations and growing relationships.  In this session, you’ll learn how to pray for those God is preparing to connect you with.

You’ll Review…


Preparing your heart so God can use you.


Asking God to provide people to share the hope of Christ with.


Praying for those God has placed in your everyday path.

Power of Prayer & Sharing the Gospel

Prayer is a direct line to the Creator of the Universe. Have you considered the magnitude of that statement? The One who literally spoke the universe into existence is not only willing to hear the cries of our heart but is able to fulfill them.

As you prepare your heart to be more used by God, know that becoming more intentional in sharing Jesus, God can fill you with unending joy from doing so.

Prayer Prepares the Way for Good News

by Listen Here

Your Neighbors Are Ready To Hear!

Getting to know your neighbors is one quick way to connect with new people and begin building relationships. With Bless Every Home, you’ll receive an alert each day with a list of your neighbors that you can specifically pray for by name.

Join an ever-growing community of Christ-followers who are devoted to being a “Light” in their neighborhoods through praying for, caring for, sharing the gospel with, and discipling their neighbors.


Action Items



Begin praying regularly by asking God to draw the ONE person to Himself that you want to see come to faith in Jesus Christ.




Reach out to your ONE person via phone, email, text, or in person over coffee or a meal.  Have a conversation to catch up. Find out how they’re doing and ask them if they have any specific prayer needs.  Pray with them then and after regularly.


Connect with your ONE person and connect with one person you do not know yet. Then, complete the action item for LEARNER with those two people.

Helpful Tip:

At the beginning of each day ask God to put people in your path you can pray for.  At the end of each day reflect on, even write down, the names of those you’ve met who shared prayer requests with you and pray for there specific needs.  Over time, God will guide you to take those relationships deeper to a point of conversation.


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