SO CLOSE! You're Half Way There...

We’re Called To Share! 

Sharing Hope Through Your Story


It’s so important to know how to articulate the personal impact Jesus Christ made in your life as you begin to share the Gospel message with others.

You’ll Reflect On…


What life like before Jesus?


When and why did you trust in Jesus?


How is God working in your life today?

Check Out These Sample Testimonies To Help You Get Started!

Communicating your testimony doesn’t have to be complex or scary.  Once you’ve written it out, take some time to practice sharing it with your friends or family.  The more you do it, the more comfortable you will become.  You’ll even be able to add various elements at times depending on who you are talking to.  This helps you find common ground and deepen a new relationship faster.

Use the below documents to get started in writing your story…You’ve got this!

Sharing your testimony is the first step to being ready to share the hope of Jesus with others.  Write yours! 

When sharing Christ, time is an important factor.  Be prepared to share with whatever time allows.

Share your story with the world in 90 different languages!

It’s one thing for us to be able to personally share our testimony with those we meet everyday, it’s an entirely different thing to make it available on the internet, allow it to be translated into 90 languages, and have available 24/7 no matter where you are or who you’re meeting.  When you post your story, you receive a story number that can be shared with others using a church story card which directs people to your church while also connecting them to your Jesus story. is a web-based platform that enables you to still connect with people even when there are time constraints.  Through face-to-face connections or by using social media, you’re able to connect with those facing very specific challenges in life.  A person can search the site by topic, be connected to stories of others who have faced their same life challenges, and have ultimately found healing and hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Action Items



Write or type your 3 minute testimony. It’s about 1/2 to 3/4 of a page.  

Remember to only highlight the three key areas, what was your life like before Jesus, when and why did you come to faith in Jesus, and how is God working in your life today.

 Read through it several times to memorize it.


After you’ve written or typed your story, practice sharing your 3 minute testimony several times until share it from memory as best as possible.  

You can practice in front of a mirror, share with your pet, or ask a good friend who might be willing to listen.  Who knows, maybe your friend will want to know how they can connect with Jesus too!


Inject your 3 minute testimony into a Gospel conversation with your One and someone you’ve recently met this week.

Find a Christian friend you know that isn’t as intentional as you when it comes to sharing the Gospel and encourage them to come along in the I Share Hope journey with you.


Helpful Tip:

As you continue to hone in on your personal story, try to make note of as many seasons of life, experiences, and other unique situations you’ve been through.  Later, when you’re listening to others in conversation, you’ll be more effective at connecting with them by injecting similar experiences you’ve had into the dialogue.  This helps build relational bridges, connects you in a greater way to the person you’re getting to know, and also helps you both realize we all have a lot more in common than we think. 


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